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Robert SECKER and Elizabeth CLARK, both of Lakenheath, SUFFOLK, were married in 1747. Their one son, Henry SUCKER born in 1754, married Susannah RUTHERFORD at Eriswell in 1778. A son Samuel SUCKER, born in 1789 at Eriswell, was one of eight children. In 1815 he was living at Littleport, CAMBRIDGESHIRE where the magistrates found that "Samuel Sucker of Littleport aforesaid, Labourer did beget the said Bastard Child on the Body of her the said Rebecca Crabb. ...he shall pay... the Sum of eight pounds eighteen shillings and four pence for and towards the lying in of the said Rebecca Crabb, the maintenance of the said Bastard Child and expenses incurred to the time of making this our Order. ... the said Samuel Sucker shall likewise pay... the Sum of two shillings and sixpence weekly and every week from this present time for and towards the keeping sustentation and maintenance of the said Bastard Child for and during so long as the said Bastard Child shall be chargeable to the said parish." He married Rebecca CRABB in 1816 and they had a further eleven children. In later Censuses his occupation was recorded as thatcher and licencee of the 'Achor Inn', Littleport. His second child, Henry SUCKER born in 1817, married Elizabeth SPINKS at Littleport in ca. 1840 and followed in his father's footsteps as a thatcher and licencee, of the 'Rising Sun', Littleport. Their eldest child Matthew SUCKER, an agricultural labourer and drayman born in 1845, married Mary BONNETT of Littleport. John Henry SUCKER, one of their many children, married Louisa DURRINGTON of Tydd St Mary, LINCOLNSHIRE in 1890. They moved to Manchester where he was employed as a wheelwright by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincoln Railway (later the Great Central Railway), and where their two daughters, Edith Louise SUCKER (1891 - 1979) and Beatrice May SUCKER (1895 - 1975) were born. The latter married Bertram Leslie ANDREWS (1897 - 1970), my father in 1922. ().