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James SNOOK, yeoman, (-1755) married Martha WHITE at Winterborne Steepleton, DORSET in 1721. One of his many children, William SNOOK (1721-) married Elizabeth CHEYNEY at Abbotsbury, DORSET in 1752. His two sons James SNOOK (1754-) and George SNOOK (1760-) at Chilcombe, DORSET, married two sisters, Ann WALBRIDGE and Elizabeth WALBRIDGE (1760-1816) in 1781 and 1783 respectively at Loders, DORSET. One of former's many children, George SNOOK (1794-1865), road surveyor, married Jane GIBBONS (1805-1870) at Sowton, DEVON in 1823, and subsequently moved to Wellington, SHROPSHIRE. One son, James Wallbridge SNOOK (1840-1870) qualified as a physician and surgeon, whereas John Titus SNOOK (1837-1864) and George SNOOK (1835 -) followed their father's profession. George SNOOK married Mary CORFIELD(1834-1884) in 1860 and settled in Shrewsbury, SHROPSHIRE. Their eldest child, William SNOOK () was an outstanding long distance runner and AAA champion in 1883 and 1885. Their eldest daughter Hannah Elizabeth SNOOK (1864-1937) married William ANDREWS (1857-1910) () in Shrewsbury, SHROPSHIRE in 1886. One of his sons, Bertram Leslie ANDREWS, my father, married Beatrice May SUCKER/SECKER in 1922.